Cake Smash & Birthday Backdrops for Photographers

Cake Smash & Birthday Backdrops

It’s time to add to your backdrop & floordrop collection as you prepare for your next Birthday or Cake Smash session. So many options and themes to choose from! How will you decide? Let Backdrops Canada give you the inside scoop on what material to use and how to make the most of your next photography session.

Cookie Monster themed cake smash
Grungy Mint Backdrop with baby girl sitting in chair
First Birthday Photo session featuring Whitewash Boards Backdrop

Tips & Helpful Hints

What material do you recommend for a cake smash?

We recommend using 13oz Smooth Vinyl as the floordrop of any cake smash photo session. Vinyl is a durable, pliable material and is water and tear resistant.

Protect Your Floordrop against Scratches

ALWAYS use caution when placing any objects that are not soft on the surface of the floordrops to ensure you don’t scratch the design! Protective pads on your props will ensure that sharp edges are not rubbing against the drops. Also, always lifting and/or moving your props versus dragging them across the surface will help ensure your floordrops will last a long time.

Themed Backdrops vs Versatile Backdrops

If you are looking for a certain theme Backdrops Canada has you covered. Our Children’s category has backdrop themes from unicorns, airplanes, Mickey Mouse, mermaids & so much more!

Another way to showcase your theme is through the use of props. Turn any backdrop into your desired theme by using specially selected props to enhance your photo session. You will find some of our favourite prop vendors by visiting our Industry Links.

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