“Splattered Wood” Floor drop has so many combinations with other Backdrops. 

Purchasing the Floordrop “Splattered Wood”- TL 800103H by Terri Leva Photography

Will give you a seamless image when easily interchanging this floordrop with other Images from her series.

Splattered Wood





Matching Backdrops

Angel Wings 3 -TL 800102

Carnival Stand -TL 800316

Cut Your Own Tree -TL 800305

Easter Gathering-TL 800225

Flower Garden -TL 800223H

Flower Garden 2-TL 800224

Frosted Christmas Window-TL 8001006H

Gingerbread Man- TL -800100H

Ho Ho Ho Tree- TL 800803

JoY- TL 800201

Kisses and Love Potions- TL 800306

Lemonade Stand-TL 800304

Merry Christmas- TL 800219

Red Glitter Stars with Moose- TL 800105H

Red Glitter Stars-  TL 800104H

Shabby Chic- TL 70011

Shabby Rose -TL 70010

Teddy Bear Blue-TL 800302

Trad’In”Post- TL 800802

WhiteBowScene-TL 800202H


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