Halloween Photography Backdrops

Halloween Backdrops

It’s time to add to your backdrop collection as you prepare for your Halloween mini sessions. Will it be a spooky witch or pumpkins galore? Browse our full collection by choosing a category from the left or check out our Tips & Helpful Hints below on how to make your Halloween mini session a success.

Halloween mini session featuring girl dressed as witch
Halloween Mini Session with little boy dressed as a bear
Halloween Grunge backdrop with young girl dressed as Elsa from Frozen

Tips & Helpful Hints

What Halloween props should I use?

Halloween offers so many options when selecting your props. From spooky skeletons and spider webs to pumpkins and Fall leaves. No matter what store you find yourself in, Halloween decorations can be found anywhere.

When selecting your props remember to consider your clientele. Toddlers and young children might be nervous around the spookier decorations, so it might be best to stick with traditional items like pumpkins, gourds, fall leaves, lanterns and jack-o-lanterns. Leave the spookier items for your teens & adult sessions.

You will find some of our favourite prop vendors by visiting our Industry Links.

Favourite Halloween Themes

If you are looking for a certain theme Backdrops Canada has you covered. Some of our favourite Halloween backdrops include our Full Moon, Enchanted Forest, Hanging with Bats and so much more!

You can also check out our Fall Backdrops or get a head start on your Christmas mini sessions too!

I'm Considering an Outdoor Mini Session

When we think of Halloween we think of pumpkin patches, corn mazes and rusty tractors. If you are considering holding your Halloween mini sessions outdoors this season, be sure to consider the following:

Temperature: October brings cooler temperatures that often cause runny noses & rosy cheeks. Be sure clients dress appropriately for the weather, especially the little ones and ALWAYS have a box of tissues handy.

Rain: No one wants their photos taken in the rain. Be sure to have a backup plan in the event your outdoor photo session gets cancelled due to the weather. Having a secondary location, such as your indoor studio, will be much appreciated by your clients without having to reschedule. Less stress for everyone involved.

Location: Where will you be meeting your clients? At a farm? In a cornfield? Be sure to consider ground conditions and prepare your clients accordingly. Will they be walking through a muddy pumpkin patch? No big deal if they know ahead of time. But no one likes muddy surprises.

Protect Your Floordrop against Scratches

ALWAYS use caution when placing any objects that are not soft on the surface of the floordrops to ensure you don’t scratch the design! Protective pads on your props will ensure that sharp edges are not rubbing against the drops. Also, always lifting and/or moving your props versus dragging them across the surface will help ensure your floordrops will last a long time.

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